Oneness is a performance about exploration around the wisdom of Time.

“We are part of a cosmic process; we are made from ancient recycled material that came from the stars. Our temporary bodies grow old but not the particles from which they are made.” Adam Ford and Thomas Traherne (c.1637-74), Anglican priest and metaphysical poet

The project begun with the exploration into the concept behind duration. Duration is a theory of time and consciousness posited by the French philosopher Henri Bergson. For the individual, time may speed up or slow down, whereas, for science, it would remain the same. I was interested in how manipulation of time structure (i.e. stretching/ compression) can engender different emotions and states both in the performing bodies and the spectators.


“Time appears to pass at different rates because of our experience of its passing involves not a single but two dynamic processes which are opposed to each other: as accumulation and dissipation. The deeper the experience of a moment, the greater the accumulation of experience. This is why the moment is lived longer. The dissipation of the time-flow is checked. The lived duree is not a question of length but of depth or density.” John Berger, ‘That Which is Held’ in Keeping Rendezvous


Monica Brunello
Vikki Mead
Holly Rush
Special thanks to dancer Elizabeth Kirk-Channing