Being and Matter



“what I wish to explore is the tension between body and matter,
which in my mind would serve as proof of my own existence.” Koji Enokura

Commissioned by the White Rainbow Gallery
November 2015

Being and Matter is a performance in response to the Mono-ha movement and the work of archivist photographer Shigeo Anzaï 安斎 重男. It draws inspiration from the Mono-ha artists and Between Man and Matter, Yusuke Nakahara’s concept for the 10th Tokyo Biennale, 1970. Mono-ha was Japan’s first internationally recognized contemporary art movement, rejecting Western notions of representation and emphasizing materials and perception and interrelationships between space and matter.

Being and Matter is an enquiry into the relationship between matter, body and space. The act of documentation was used to form the choreography. Like the ‘Happenings’ of the 1970’s, the performance takes an open format, shifting in response to chance, time and place. The audience is invited to witness the process of choreographic composition.



“Something endlessly appearing as it endlessly disappears.
Something receding endlessly as it endlessly approaches.”  Lee U-fan



“Things have a life of their own, you only have to awaken their soul.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez


“All things on earth, and the earth as a whole, flow together into a reciprocal accord.”
Martin Heideggar


Dancers Biographies:

Sara Augieras is a French dancer and a recipient of the Peggy Hawkins Scholarship, who is completing her final year of training at the London Contemporary Dance School.

Monica Brunello is a dancer, performer & founder/practitioner of Rei, a movement practice that utilizes release-based movement and energy healing. Monica has performed & choreographed in her native Italy, as well as across London in theatres, galleries, alternate urban venues and festivals. Apart from multimedia collaborations, Monica has dedicated a large portion of her life to movement, energy work and healing.

Madeleine Jonsson is a dancer from Smålandsstenar, Sweden who is also completing her final year training at the London Contemporary Dance School.