Tony Congliaro



Book illustration
April 2012
Client        Tony Conigliaro and Allies Design
Publisher     Ebury Press

Juri was commissioned to create a series of illustration and a book cover for the first book by a renowned mixologist and alchemist Tony Conigliaro, whose ideas are inspired by perfumery and memories.

My idea behind the illustrations was to create an abstract notation system based on the microscopic structure that makes up the elements of the cocktails to illustrate the recipe. The intention was is to illustrate the reaction and combinations of different flavor elements that come together to create a harmony, like a musical notation which described an orchestration of different notes and pitches in a harmony. Read from left to right, there is a sense of a journey of sensuality and tactility that a guest is invited to embark upon.

The drawings consist of a palette of textures inspired by particles, cells and molecules which relate to different compounds (citrus, floral, herbaceous) and flavours (sweetness, bitterness, sourness, savouriness). These were used to convey the experiential landscape of harmony and synergism which occurs in one’s taste buds and olfactory system. The collection of textures were woven together to convey these ephemeral landscape of taste.