Virus drawing

Artwork for a microbiology laboratory
St George’s University of London, Jenner Wing refurbishment
Client    Penoye & Prasad


Juri was commissioned to design an artwork which can become a pattern for the laboratory doors, glass manifestation and fixed furniture.  The brief was to create an artwork that translates the research they do at the university.

Juri spent time with the SGUL doctors and staff to gain an insight into their research.  The wing is named after Edward Jenner, the pioneer of smallpox vaccine.  The artwork is a representation of electron microscopic images of viruses such as Smallpox, HIV, influenza and malaria.

The artwork is a 3m hand painted ink drawing where hundreds of dots were drawn to convey movement in two dimension.  Juri was inspired by Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius.  She wanted to create an artwork which had a play in perception where dots created direction, density and a space where one’s imagination can wonder. Ink was the chosen medium to coincide with the idea of staining used in microscopy to highlight structures for viewing.